Sovereign Syre: Ass Opened Wide


Dana Vespoli, Sovereign Syre is the source for anal celebration. Here we focus on the beauty of blown out o rings and destroyed assholes of sexy anal whores who can't get enough. Stretch their tight buttholes until you can see their lunch. Grab her cheeks and pull open that tight asshole until you can see what a wrecked anal whore she really is. As part of the network, members of will get access to all the most hardcore anal sites on the web.

The scene opens with Dana Vespoli and Sovereign Syre out and about in the wilderness. Well, it looks like it because of the trees and the warm sunlight hitting their beautifully-exposed bodies. Dana is in black while Sovereign is in red. Their latex outfits are similar in style even though they are different in colors. Both outfits show off their almost perfect asses. Butt plugs are inside their ass holes. Sovereign and Dana are now inside the house. The camera focuses on Sovereign who is now lying naked on the couch, with only her pair of black boots on. Dana reaches out for her butt and squeezes one of her butt cheeks. Dana applies some baby oil on her ass and asshole before the kinky sex between the two ladies begin. As Sovereign lies on the side, Dana teases her and positions her fingers in front of her tight asshole, as if she’s about to insert them inside. The moment Sovereign reacts out of excitement, Dana stops. Sovereign is obviously disappointed. Sovereign is now on all fours waiting for Dana to make her move. Dana inserts four fingers into her asshole. It looks like she is seeing how wide Sovereign’s asshole can be stretched. Dana then inserts a butt plug made of glass into Sovereign’s ass hole. Dana thrusts it in and out of Sovereign’s ass hole until the latter starts touching her clit and pussy out of pleasure. Sovereign remains on all fours as Dana uses a speculum to open her asshole up. Sovereign then lies down with her back on the couch as Dana once again inserts the mirror-like butt plug inside her asshhole. Dana wear a pink strap-on cock as Sovereign kneels on the floor sucking it. Dana then inserts the cock into her tight asshole fucking her in the doggy-style position. The ladies then switch sex positions. Dana lies on the carpeted floor while Sovereign is on top of her fucking a purple strap-on cock in the cowgirl position. Dana Vespoli licks and sucks on Sovereign Syre’sasshole before showing it off to the camera.


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