Sheena Shaw Shows Off What Her Ass Can Do


Sheena Shaw


Sheena Shaw wakes up in a room, the walls covered with pictures of herself. It looks like someone's been stalking her and now wants the real thing. She might as well give in because Sheena's pursuer just wants to play with her asshole. Toys, dildos, speculums, and HUGE butt plugs and all the accouterments are all in store for this little anal lover. Good thing her lesbian stalker filmed the whole thing for the rest of us to see – POV style. Sheena struggles in trying to free herself from her saran wrap tyings, but it's futile as her captors have tied her up well and meticulously. Her handlers show her the instruments they’re about to penetrate her with. First, a huge and ribbed glass butt plug, shoving a finger in her ass for good measure and then the neat looking toy, Sheena groans, and struggles as she’s penetrated, but there’s a sense of pleasure that runs through her body anyway. Captor removes the handle from the lovely toy and exposes Sheena’s beautiful gaping asshole. The captor gives her some leeway and removes the leather rope that had her hogtied, and also removing the toy to get a feel themselves of her stretched asshole. Sheena gives a smirk as they fiddle with her ass, enjoying the macabre scene her captors have put her in. they take notice of the pleasure they’re inflicting on her and turn her over, with seduction on her face, Sheena fingers her pussy and asshole as if asking them to do their worse. The captors pick out newer and bigger toys that Sheena won’t be able to handle, shoving them in her mouth to lube up for her asshole. They twist in a corkscrew-like monstrosity into her and she gasps and moans as she filled to her full capacity. They tire of her enjoying this and tie her up again, her great ass up in the air awaiting further decimation. They insert a big black butt plug in her, but Sheena just moans and smiles, loving the stretching of her asshole, they spank her raw until her ass begins to welt, they tire of her pleasure and make her sit on a chair, showing off her welted ass and the butt plug still tightly inside her. Sheena at first scared is now enjoying every fucking second of this anal abduction. Massive toy after massive toy her asshole accepts with glee and gratification. The captors once trying to inflict pain now are getting off on Sheena’s indulgence. After taking jar sized instruments in her ass, Sheena is left splayed on the floor, her asshole never to be the same.


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