Samantha Rone Blonde Anal Sex Toy


What sort of things you want to see on your bed? Erik Everhard here a whole other kind of things he want to see himself when he walks into the room. Samantha Rone, already on her sexiest outfit on a leash, is on the bed ready to be handled like a mere object. Now, let’s see how Erik will do it. He starts off this madness by running his hands on her to admire her beauty. What a gentleman, until this part. He now tug on her leash make her stand up. Erik gives him some smooches and made her lie down again. Erik takes off Samantha’s panties. She willingly spreads her legs and Erik proceeds eating her pussy out. Once he’s done, he tugs on her leash again, making her kneel in front of him. Samantha now proceeds to bring back the favor and starts sucking him off. Naturally, as a competent man, Erik occasionally tries touching the back of her throat with his dick, thus, making her gag several times. He now make her lie on the bed to eat her out again and dragged her against glass wall overlooking the city. She is now semi bent over. Erik proceeds to fuck her pussy from behind. But they get tired too. They moved to the bed again. Erik lies down and Samantha follows to ride his dick. After a while, she was asked to lie down on her side. Erik caresses her ass hole and he goes up one level in fucking her. Erik now proceeds to fuck her in the ass. Samantha goes on top again but this time, the fat dick is now entering her in the ass hole. They moved to the chair after and starts doing the same thing. Samantha bends over after some time, showing her nice, big ass. Erik inserts his fat dick between those perfect butt cheeks. At this point, Erik was near his end. Samantha kneels down to extract cum from him. Samantha jacks him off and eventually showering her with cum


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