Keisha Grey Perfect Anal Fuck Toy


Today, we feature this brunette with bad ass looks, Keisha Grey, to be fucked hard both in mind and body, whatever the fuck that means. So she started seducing with her drag racing-like outfit that will not matter in few minutes because it’s not really the point of this thing. She starts gradually showing some skin. Keisha teases by undressing from the bottom to tease viewers with her perfect ass hole and shaved pussy. Her seduction comes to a halt when Erik Everhard enters the scene. He just go in and start eating her out. Keisha lets out some shameless moaning that she gets conscious of it for a bit that she covered her mouth. Erik noticed this so to help her, he gagged his fat dick into her mouth. What a gentleman. Eventually they go down to business. Erik lies down and drags Keisha on top of him. They went straight to anal. Her great ass just looks great looking from behind while a fat dick penetrates it. Erik stands up and starts fucking while carrying her. He eventually slams her down on the couch and continues what he’s doing. Keisha even have the initiative to go on all fours to have some variety. They go at it after some time and afterwards, they go back to the position they did in the start but this time, Erik plows her a little more rougher than before. When he’s near his end, Erik made her lie on her back again. He made this his last, full forced effort to wreck that ass. He went at it until his dick peaked. Keisha smiles as he goes about it showing that she is a nasty girl that’s used to getting wrecked. Erik ended this awesome ass destruction by depositing his seed deep inside Keisha’s ass.


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