Karlie Montana: Anal Stretching With Large Toys


Karlie Montana

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When having your first something in your life, it’s reassuring to make the professionals take care of it. With that line of thought, Karlie Montana seeks out Dana Vespoli to have her anal virginity to be taken. Knowing Dana, she will go at it in the most creative way possible. Like any other professionals, Dana takes the job carrying her tools to work. Karlie Montana’s anal exploration starts with inspection. Dana runs her hands all throughout Karlie’s body to see what she’s working with. She tries to feel out every detail to have an idea of how she will deal with Karlie. Karlie lays down on the floor in a position that lets Dana have a clear view of her ass. Dana feels her holes out with her hands. After a while, Dana brings out her first tool. It’s some kind of plug. She plays with it for a while before making Karlie lay on her back. She spreads her legs and Dana continues doing her thing. After that, Dana brings out the real thing. Or rather real fake dick, if that makes sense. (In this scenario, it should.) Karlie is on her back while Dana inserts a huge, pink, fake dick into Karlie’s asshole. Karlie’s pussy looked lonely so Dana brings out another toy for her to play with. It’s a vibrator only dedicated for Karlie’s pussy. Meanwhile, Dana wants a variety in her craft. Karlie goes on all fours. While still using the vibrating thing on her pussy, Dana brings out another huge fake dick to be penetrated in Karlie’s asshole. At some point, Dana uses a clamp to make the things go deep as possible. In the end, Dana was nice enough to use her hands to end the anal exploration. She’s nasty but not cruel. This lesbian anal first time experience ends with a portrait of her bending over with a smile on.


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