Dana DeArmond is an Anal Show Off

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No one likes a show off. Dana DeArmond gets justice for being one with help of our man, James Deen, with a way he only know and can do— fucking her deep in her ass. It’s only right to do so since she was showing off her ass. James handled it like a pro. And at the same time, he handled Dana less of a person and more of an object. He made Dana swallow whole of his dick making Dana let out mostly gagging noises. Her filthy mouth was overflowing with spit. When he felt the time was right, he bends her over and starts lubing up her ass with his mouth. That ass will get wrecked in few moments. James sits down and made Dana sit on his dick, mounting her balls-deep. She had the nerve to sneak in some little rubbing of her pussy while being drilled hard in her ass. James caught up to this and starts playing with her filthy mouth. He occasionally inserts his whole hand into her mouth. After some time, he stands up and starts fucking her while her legs are in the air. They eventually stood up to fuck her in different angle. Dana puts her leg up and James just helps himself from behind while occasionally grabbing her by the neck. Dana just lets out a bit of pain and mostly pleasure-filled scream as James drill her ass relentlessly. Mercy is the last thing you will find here at this moment. Ironically, Dana’s reactions don’t show any regret or anything similar— just pure ecstasy of the dick wrecking her cute asshole. At the end, it was she looked really happy. It wasn’t obvious that her asshole got abused by a fat dick. She just sit there on the floor awaiting James’ cum shower.


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