Cherie Deville: Anal Gaped For The First Time


Cherie Deville, Dana Vespoli is the source for anal celebration. Here we focus on the beauty of blown out o rings and destroyed assholes of sexy anal whores who can't get enough. Stretch their tight buttholes until you can see their lunch. Grab her cheeks and pull open that tight asshole until you can see what a wrecked anal whore she really is. As part of the network, members of will get access to all the most hardcore anal sites on the web.

Cherie opens up about a thing that she’s meaning to do for a while now. For the first time, she is willing to get her asshole stretched as far as she can. With the help of Dana Vespoli behind the camera, they will explore a new type of fun for Cherie. Cherie started off with a can-do attitude. Her dress slowly comes undone. She takes it off from the top all the way to her bottom. The MILF feature she is known about is starting to show. Her beautiful complexion and blonde hair accents her huge tits, plump ass and clean pussy. After the show and tell, Dana starts examining what she’s working with. Dana tries to ease up Cherie’s tight ass. She gets it wet for the rubber dick she brought for this occasion. After testing her ass with her hand, Dana now pulls out a huge rubber dick. Cherie lies down with legs wide open and ready for the rubber-y penetration. Dana equips the dildo to a strap on and proceeds to ass fuck Cherie. It was uncomfortable at first for Cherie but it didn’t even take a minute for her to get into it. Dana rubbing her pussy just intensifies the sensation. Dana flips her over a few times to hit all the spots that need to be hit. This was enough to get Cherie to let her do it on her own. Dana lies down with the artificial cock still on her. Cherie rides that dick like a fuckin’ rodeo. She is captain of the ship now. She went for it hard like she’s been asking for it for a long time. Dana just watched her in amazement. They occasionally rubbed Cherie’s cunt to complete the experience. Overall, there is nothing to be complaining about. It’s an initial experience and everybody went home smiling.


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