Adrianna Nicole: Watch Me Stretch Out My Tight MILF Ass


Adrianna Nicole


Dana Vespoli shows off her apartment and her half naked play mate, Adrianna Nicole. Adrianna is here today to have some fun. Knowing Dana, Adrianna will get the best deal of fun whenever Dana is involved. As a proof of this, Adrianna is already wearing some kind of clothes that don’t really serve some kind of purpose except to be sexy and daring. Dana knows how her body too well. That’s why we can say that Adrianna is in good hands. Those good hands is gonna touch their way to Adrianna’s fun parts. Dana might be good at handling men and women, but she is not known for being shy in engaging with their kinks. She starts playing with Adrianna’s asshole with no warning but she didn’t complain at all. In fact, she even encourages Dana to just continue doing it. I guess Dana flipped some switch inside Adrianna’s ass. This lesbian anal POV starts now. They know that using only their hands is not enough to satisfy them. So they bring something in the table to spice things up. You’re maybe thinking of a toy. Well, that’s true but that’s gonna be a part of it. You see, Dana is very resourceful. She has a creativity that makes her relevant even after all these years. Instead of immediately resorting to toys to give pleasure, she uses her feet to give Adrianna some good rubbing. She made Adrianna’s lick her feet to lubricate and used it to play with Adrianna’s holes at one point. After this, the toys are now used to play with themselves. Dana thought that this is enough for her. But she was very mistaken. It got her so worked up that she exchanged places with Adrianna to get herself off. These lesbian friends ultimately became the modern day Julius Caesar— they conquered, saw and they came. In that particular order.


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