Suzie Carina Gapes Her Holes With Toys


Suzie Carina


Suzie Carina loves to play with herself, so much so that sometimes her fingers are not enough; she needs something more. However, she always likes to start all her masturbation sessions with some light fingering to get the juices flowing. Today is no different. She licks two fingers and puts them in her asshole, just to loosen it up a bit. Once she is done fingering her asshole, she takes a pink dildo, and she rams it into her ass. She fucks herself with it until it is covered in the ass juices. Then she takes it out and licks it clean! She is not done. She needs more stimulation, so she takes out another dildo. Now she is fucking herself with both of them, ramming them into her holes, and stroking herself. It is so stimulating that it makes her cum hard and leaves her holes gaped!


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