Missy Martinez: Lesbian Anal Stretching


Missy Martinez

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Lesbian Anal POV is one of the favorites here. It’s like eating cake except it’s savory but still, it’s goddamn delicious. This is brought to you by Missy Martinez and her exceptionally beautiful big tits. But that is not we’re here for today. The girl in POV is more focused on her cute hole or also known as ass hole. With an introduction of few chit chats, Missy eventually bends over and offers her ass up. She shows the people how nice her behind is. The girl behind the camera starts playing with her ass hole by finger fucking that damn ass hole. She eventually brings out one of her toys to mess with Missy’s ass hole. We said that it’s a toy but its not something you should underestimate at all. It’s pretty huge and has its own handle. How convenient! If you think that it ends there, you’re so wrong. There’s a lot more of that where it came from. Eventually a parade of toys gets shown penetrating Missy’s ass hole. One after the other, it’s like a commercial for Toy R’ Us. The toys gets highlighted with an demonstration included using Missy’s ass and eventually her pussy. Missy is so welcoming that she stayed on one position and uses one of the toys herself. The massive dildo stuck on her pussy gets used as should be. With the girl behind the camera continually bringing out a new toy every other minute, this might as well be an infomercial of dildos. If only they included a brand, price or something. Doesn’t matter— in the end, it made Missy reach some point of satisfaction using a whole lot of variety of toys. For one last time in the end, they admire Missy’s beautiful fuck holes. It was a nice display of beauty.


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